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When you flip bats upside down they become exceptionally sassy dancers.








Okay… That’s it… I think I’m going to set this as my alarm on my phone so I can feel like I’m waking up in heaven on a daily basis.

There’s just something about children’s choirs.

There’s just something about this song

Okay, let me tell you a thing about this song. My mother is a nurse in the NICU with small premature babies. and she had one baby that was born addicted to 5 different drugs. Needless to say, the poor baby had to suffer through intense withdrawals, and my mom discovered that this song was incredibly soothing for the baby while he went through all of his pain. She would play this during his rougher patches, and it would calm him down. So yes, there is something about this song. 

Fun facts!

This song is a mele (soft, metered song with music) in contrast to an oli (a chant), and translated, it’s a song actually for Chief Kalakaua and Cheifess Lili’ulani. It tells of the beautiful scenery of all the islands, and specifically, a beautiful blooming flower that withstands the summits of each significant peak of Hawaii (including Mauna Kea!). 
If you contrast the words mele and oli, you will hear them (say them outloud!) how soft, and harsh they are respectively. This mele is comprised of mostly soft, flowing words (save for the name of the mountains!) and the combination of those beautiful words used to name beautiful things and the Children’s Chorus is probably what it is.

Peace(fulness) transcends language.


Some people don’t seem to get this. They say “If you don’t want your noodz stolen, don’t put them on iCloud!” And then everyone’s freaks out and they’re like “I’m just giving advice!” 

Because there’s two ways that sentence could be understood. To them it sounds like “Here is some helpful advice I am providing for you that will decrease the overall number of distressed people in the world.” 

But to the person who’s just had a terrible thing happen to them (or the people actually capable of empathizing with them) it sounds like “If you put your noodz on iCloud, you basically deserve this.”

I think that there are a lot of people to blame for this…the hacker, of course, who I hope feels like complete dirt and gets caught and goes to jail. But also all of the people perpetuating a culture in which some people’s bodies become de facto property of everyone just because they’re actors or whatever.

But blaming the victims is like saying “You deserved to have all of your stuff stolen because you didn’t have an alarm system.”

There is, however, a place for advice (not just for celebrities (though I dearly hope that all of my YouTuber friends are being careful with sensitive stuff) but for everyone) about the best ways to keep sensitive data secure.

Just like celebrities tend to have good home security, there are steps that should be taken (and I’m sure are being taken) to secure their data. And just like we all have locks on our doors, there are also things we can do to decrease the chance that information will be stolen from us.

So let’s take the world as it presents itself and ensure that all advice comes free of blame.


*shows up 15 minutes late with a crappy dorito comic*

Origin Stories: CAPTAIN DORITO (this is part 1) (part 2 out next week or something)

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Tom Hiddleston | ALS Ice Bucket Challenge [x]

Loki, Mistress of Strategies

Thor & Loki: The Tenth Realm #4


Robin Williams’ passing is a reminder that those who make us laugh the most are usually fighting the biggest demons.


So at work yesterday we only had pink spoons to hand out for the frozen yogurt and every male asked if we had a different color spoon because they did not like pink and it’s femininity and lemme tell u that this proves boys are weak and a fuckjng pink spoon proved that







deadpool looks incredible and I am so unbelievably amped

oh what the fuck they’re actually making this?

of course they’re actually making it

Ryan Reynolds has made them scrap their scripts like three fucking times (because the last time Deadpool was in a movie, it was not fucking Deadpool, and he’s a big Deadpool fan so there was no way he was going to let the happen again), there’s no way they’d just let the project die after that much work